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Aurora Vibrational Therapy

Colour, Magnetic, Crystal and Sound Therapy

Aurora uses the 'Geometric' or 'Geometrical' chakra system which includes 13 plus key points inclusive of the 7 traditional chakras.

Treatments involve several tuning forks for the Chakras and for working with other subtle energy points and pathways.

As well as the tuning forks treatments incorporate a number of crystals, crystal singing bowls and therapeutic colours along with the use of magnets when appropriate.

Non-invasive and aimed to be a gentle approach to rebalancing and rejuvenating on all levels of consciousness... Mind, body and Spirit.

With the exception of magnetic therapy, Aurora treatments can be adapted for the online setting.

In addition to the treatment described above Jasmin also uses the Aurora Jewels for therapeutic colour consultations. This can be incorporated into the same session or held as a stand alone therapeutic approach, depending on a client's needs at the time.

About Women's Consultations
Initial Consultation

What is Vibrational Therapy?

Vibrational Therapy is many things and there are no simple answers...


Generally speaking, vibrational therapies connect with our subtle energy bodies through gentle, non-intrusive methods.


There are many vibrational and energy therapies that connect with what are sometimes called bioenergetics, biodynamics, or quantum biology.


Do I have to understand it or believe in it for it to work?


Sometimes it helps to have a belief in a therapy you are investing it, so on one hand yes, it helps to believe in it; even when you can't understand how it is working. That being said, there is no requirement for a 'faith', 'spirituality' or 'belief' to receive vibrational therapy treatments.


Some clients leave sessions feeling better but not knowing why and the understanding of why doesn't matter for their wellbeing journey.


A session is a bit like facilitated 'self care'. Think of a therapy facilitator as a thread between the natural energies all around us and our bodies; they are acting as a connection point to assist us in recharging and re-balancing more efficiently.


Is it an exact science?

No. Vibrational therapy has some principles that align with certain scientific principles, while also requiring an open mind in terms of more quantum ideas. Things like magnets, crystals and sound therapies do have a physical effect that we can root into scientific principles.


Is vibrational therapy suitable for anyone?


Vibrational therapy is complementary in nature, adaptable for many people, and can be made accessible for many. There are some conditions or situations where it is not recommended.

Follow-up Consultations

Treatment Sessions

The First Session is 75-minutes and Follow-up Sessions are 60-minutes.

If you need a longer treatment then two sessions may be booked back to back.

There is no fixed number of sessions recommended, it depends on the reason for your wish to have treatment.


It is usually considered that a minimum of two weeks between full treatments be allowed as vibrational therapies have an effect over a period of time. However, treatments for example with the OM or MI tuning forks may be applied more regularly if needed.

During a treatment session a client lays down fully clothed on a treatment couch, crystals and therapeutic colours are placed on or around the body. Magnets may be placed on the body when appropriate. Sound is applied on and off the body throughout the session. Some scented air sprays may be used when appropriate for specific clients.


Clients may feel sensations and changes during the treatment, but it is just as common not to feel anything much.

After a session a client is recommended to drink plenty of warm water and rest if possible to allow the treament to process. The body may take time to adjust after vibrational therapy.

The Aurora Jewels
Therapeutic Colour Consultations

The Aurora Jewels are an aspect of Aurora Colour Magnetic Crystal Sound Therapy, a form of vibrational therapy that aims to support a client's well-being journey through balancing/rebalancing the energetics of mind, body, spirit and soul.

The Aurora Jewel bottles assist in assessing clients' energetic balance and well-being. Based on the colours that call to a person at the time of their Aurora session there can be different elements reflecting their situation on different levels.

Colour Consultations, Colour Balancing and Therapeutic Auric Analysis are just some of the aspects of the Aurora offerings that the jewel bottles support.

There are 78 beautiful original hand-painted coloured bottles along with 6 bottles created by Jasmin.

Sessions with the Aurora Jewels may help in guiding clients to find a fresh balance in their lives, as a client chooses the colours that call to them it is a very direct personal to each individual. Jasmin can discuss a client's colour balance with them once they choose their bottles and where possible offer therapeutic guidance and suggestions.

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Appointment Fees:

  • Initial Treatment 75 minutes £40

  • Follow-up Treatments 60 minutes £40 per hour

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