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Women's Well-being and Herbal Medicine


The Women's Well-being consultation takes a bit longer than a standard Herbal consultation as there are a number of additional specific questions addressed.


Western Herbal Medicine takes into consideration the whole person, not just the current symptoms of an issue. Looking at a person's history and present wellness levels and building a picture of that patient as an entire being. Treating a patient's presenting health issues from the roots up. 


The Herbal consultation includes: 

  • Presenting symptoms

  • Past medical history

  • Social and lifestyle factors

  • Nutrition and fitness 

  • Family history​

The women's consultation questions can include:

  • Menarche and early Menstrual Experience

  • Menstrual Journey

  • Your Journey with your Womb

  • Fertility Experiences

  • Birth and Motherhood Experiences

  • Hysterectomy Experiences

  • Menopausal Symptoms

  • Post-Menopausal Journey

  • Your Emotional and Mental Experiences as a Woman

  • Your Physical and Embodied Experiences as a Woman

  • Your Spiritual and Soulful Experiences as a Woman

Additionally Jasmin may then suggested therapies that may be of benefit such as:

  • Tuning Fork Therapy for the Womb

  • Jikiden Reiki

  • Sound, Crystal, Magnetic or Colour Therapy

For some patients Jasmin may advise they speak with their doctor(s) or current therapy practitioner(s) before adding new treatments to their regime. If you have any specific questions about your unique journey, we can discuss them at you at your first appointment. If you would like to have a brief chat with Jasmin before booking, please email her or arrange a call-back via Southcote reception on 01622 661883.

My Approach

Initial Women's Consultation

First appointments take 90 to 120 minutes.

Your case history may include:

  • Current presenting issues (the reason for your visit)

  • Past medical history (including your childhood, up to your more recent health)

  • Diet and Lifestyle (what you eat, the quality of your sleep, the exercise you do)

  • Social History (whether you drink alcohol and/or use tobacco products)

  • Self-Care (how much time you have to relax or enjoy hobbies just for you)

  • Women's Well-being Questions (exploring your journey of womanhood from menarche to the present day).

Depending on the reason for your visit, Jasmin may need to perform some non-invasive physical examinations.


Follow-up Women's Consultations

The frequency of follow-ups is dependent upon your unique situation.

Follow-ups are 45-60 minutes. After your first consultation, there will usually be 2 to 4 weeks before an initial follow-up and then the distance between appointments will depend on your progress.

Follow-up Women's Treatments

Treatments may be recommended for you by Jasmin, depending on your unique situation and she will discuss this with you.


After your first consultation, in addition to herbal medicine, you will also be able to book other treatments with Jasmin such as Jikiden Reiki, Womb Tuning Fork Therapy and crystal, colour, sound and magnetic therapy. Generally the sessions will be 90 to 120 minutes. 

My Approach


Each main herbal prescription is uniquely blended for a patient.

For 'acute' or short term issues, you may not need prescriptions for more than a few weeks or months, however for 'chronic' conditions a maintenance prescription may be needed in the longer term. 

There may be one or more Herbal Teas (infusions/tisanes), Tinctures (alcohol-based liquid medicines), Syrups (glycerine or sugar-based liquid medicines) as well as powders, lotions and creams etc.

In some cases, Jasmin may also suggest a supplementary product such as a tablet form of herb or oil from a reputable source when needed.

Herbal medicines may act fairly quickly for certain issues however in some cases they may take more time to fully begin their work, sometimes a few months of treatment will be needed to see more significant changes.

Initial Prescriptions: Usually for a 2 to 4-week time frame to get you started on your herbal medicine and see how you progress in the short term, then your prescription will be re-evaluated.

Follow-up & Repeat Prescriptions: After an initial two to four weeks, a prescription may be altered or adapted a little to refine its effect. Going forward Jasmin may then continue to tweak a prescription as needed until it works at its optimum for your unique well-being journey.



Appointment Fees:

  • Initial 90 to 120 minutes £80

  • Follow-ups 45 to 60 minutes £60

  • Treatment Sessions (e.g. Tuning Forks or Jikiden Reiki) 90 to 120 minutes £80


Prescription Fees, if you are prescribed herbs the costs vary and will depend on your unique case. An average liquid herbal prescription may cost £60 per month (less for children). An average dry herbal prescription may cost £11 to £22 per month. Jasmin will always do her best to provide the medicine a patient needs at a reasonable cost.


  • Liquid Herbal Medicines per 105ml: £15

  • Herbal Dropper/Spray Bottle per 30ml: £4.50

  • Dried/Powdered Herbs per 100g: £13

  • Capsules (per 30): £13

  • Creams per 30g: £11

  • Pessaries/Suppositories per week: £9

  • Supplements as per retail pricing 

  • Juices as per retail pricing 

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