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Herbal Medicine

Jasmin Mulvey, Medical Herbalist, BSc(hons), MNIMH

Jasmin offers consultation and treatment with Western Herbal Medicine, also known as Phytotherapy or Medical Herbalism.


This approach to herbal medicine is rich with knowledge that is rooted in the wisdom of thousands of years of tradition and has grown and developed through the incorporation of knowledge from various global lineages. 

Phytotherapy also introduces modern medical and scientific understanding into the consultation and treatment process, giving patients a balance of both art and science in the approach to managing their health and well-being with herbal medicine.

Western Herbal Medicine takes into consideration the whole person, not just the current symptoms of an issue.

Looking at a person's history and present wellness levels and building a picture of that patient as an entire being. Treating a patient's presenting health issues from the roots up.

'Phytotherapy' is a complementary form of medicine, it is a traditional way of treating patients that can be used in an integrative way alongside orthodox 'allopathic' medicine prescribed by a patient's doctor.

It can also complement other therapeutic approaches that are more physically or emotionally centered, such as massage, chiropractic, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, talking therapies, vibrational therapies and reiki, because the herbs work to support a person's natural balance and their body's search for equilibrium and individual optimal well-being.

Note: It is important to speak with your doctor(s) or current therapy practitioner(s) before adding new treatments to your regime, just to check that there are no areas where it may be counterproductive or contraindicated.


Herbal medicines don't just treat physical conditions, they can be used in the support of emotional well-being too, and in the complementary treatment of mental health conditions alongside a patient's doctor's or therapist's care.

Herbal Medicines come from plants that were in their own right living breathing beings with energy and vibration just like us and so they also support us at this 'energetic' level.

Many of us benefit simply by being in nature and interacting with plants in addition to what they may be help us medicinally.

So, in the end herbal medicines help us synergistically on the levels of mind, body and spirit.

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